What Non-Christians Think About The Christian Church

What Non-Christians Think About The Christian Church is the title of a Blog written by Christian leadership guru Carey Nieuwhof. Nieuwhof, a former successful Canadian Pastor, has written much as of late about the culture that we live in, how it has had a negative impact on Church attendance and engagement, and what Pastors and Church Leaders can do to better reach and disciple people in today’s world.

Nieuwhof begins his article by saying, “Self-awareness is one of the keys to emotional intelligence. It’s also a key to growth.” He then goes on to say, referring to some recent research by the Barna Group, that there is a big self-awareness gap between how non-Christian people see the church versus how people who attend church see it. Nieuwhof writes, “It’s also a generational gap. Essentially, the gap is this: The younger you are and the more unchurched you are, the less favorably you see the church. The older and more churched you are, the more favorably you see the church.”

In his Blog post, Nieuwhof makes these assertions based on the Barna Group research. He writes that:

  • Only 21% of Non-Christian People have a positive perception of the local Church
  • Half of Non-Christian Americans don’t trust local Pastors
  • Millennials think the local Church is detached from the real issues People are facing

In regards to the third point, Nieuwhof says, “That’s evidence of a growing generational gap about social issues and the expectation of younger generations to see their Church addressing the broader social issues of the day.” He further writes, “The challenge here for Church leaders is that it’s difficult to reach a community that the next generation doesn’t believe you care about.

Naturally, if you do care about your community (as many church leaders do), it’s probably important to have some evidence that that’s the case beyond virtue signaling or token gestures. Therefore, a deep investment in the health and well-being of the people who live in the community you’re trying to reach is not only the right thing; it’s a step toward ushering them into the hope and love of the Gospel.”

There are additional insights that can be gathered from Nieuwhof’s article, and from the many other articles, podcasts and courses that he has produced in order to help Christian Leaders and Churches learn how we can be more effective in the present and future in regards to ministering to the people around us, and leading them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus and difference-makers in the world (which is the Mission statement of Celebration Church. You can read Nieuwhof’s article here and find access to other articles, podcasts and courses that he has produced. In looking at what he has written, you will become better aware of the challenges that we as Christians and as a Church are facing in regardings to ministering to people and making disciples in today’s world. But we must address and learn how to work through those challenges in order to fulfill God’s calling on our lives and Church family, and to be difference-makers in people’s lives and in our world.

One way we can all impact the people in the Communities around our Celebration Campuses and make a difference in their lives is by participating in this Saturday’s SERVE OUR CITY activities. We would love for you to join us this Saturday as we reach out to help schools, ministries, single moms, the elderly, and hurting people in our region in a variety of ways. You can invite your friends, family members, co-workers, schoolmates, and neighbors to join in with us. You can find out more about what your Celebration Congregation has planned for SERVE OUR CITY Day by conversing with your Campus Staff or visiting your Campus social media pages. And you can purchase your SERVE OUR CITY t-shirt at your campus. The cost of the t-shirt will be used to subsidize some of the projects that we will be working on.


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Sweet Christmas Events for Women will take place December 1-4 at the Celebration Campuses. These free and fun-filled events will be characterized by uplifting worship, encouraging testimonies, great fellowship, and lots of wonderful, tasty desserts. Ladies, be sure to put your Campus’ event on your personal calendar, and invite your friends and family members to come with you.

Last Sunday I was able to interview Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame in one of our Campus services. They shared great testimonies about what the Lord has done in their lives, families, and businesses through their reality television series. All who attended were greatly encouraged by what they shared. If you would like to listen to this interview that I had with them, you can find it here.

This past Sunday we also began a new sermon series titled, GREAT QUESTIONS. In this series, based on Scripture passages from Matthew 22, we are examining questions that were presented to Jesus, or asked by Jesus. We’ll be learning about who gets into Heaven, what Jesus said about taxes, what happens to godly people when they pass on, and what the greatest commandments are and how we can live by them. This is going to be a challenging and interesting sermon series, so plan to join us for worship services in November.