What Can We Do To Be Involved In Rescuing “Lost Sheep”?

This past Sunday, as we continued our THE NEXT LEVEL sermon series, our Pastors and I preached from Jesus’ Parable Of The Lost Sheep found in Matthew 18:12-14. Jesus in that Parable, talked about how a good shepherd goes after and rescues their lost sheep. And in the sermon, we talked about how the Lord is the “good shepherd” (John 10:11) and about how people who don’t know the Lord or people who have drifted away from the Lord are aptly described by Jesus as “lost sheep.” Now it’s not good to be a real lost sheep because sheep need shepherds to watch over them, care for them, lead them and protect them from predators. And we talked about how people who don’t know the Lord or are away from the Lord make bad decisions, typically don’t have real direction for their lives and are in danger of attacks from the devil and devilish people. But then, in the sermon, our Pastors and I also talked about how we as Christians are going to be “going after ‘lost sheep’ like the shepherd in Jesus’ parable.

So, what are some ways that we can all be involved in “going after the ‘lost sheep’ that we work with, live beside, that we’re related to or that we are friends with? Here are some answers to that question. We can be involved in going after and rescuing the “lost sheep” around us by:

  • Praying for them (Romans 10:1). We all ought to have a Prayer List of people that we are praying for who either need to come to faith in Jesus, or who need to come back to the Lord. And we should be sharing that prayer list with our Christian friends, especially those in our Life Group, asking them to pray with us for the “lost sheep” in our lives.

  • Living a godly life before them. Jesus said in Matthew 5:16, “Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works or good life and glorify God who is in Heaven”. People aren’t going to want to know our Jesus if they don’t see His grace, goodness and power, is evidenced in our lives.

  • Inviting them to join us for worship services and Life Groups, etc. 85% of the people who ever attend a Church service and eventually enter into a relationship with Jesus attended that service because they were invited by a trusted friend or family member. We have lots of influence with people, and we need to leverage our influence to help people find their way into a relationship with Jesus.

  • Serving people through our Church’s ministry. Every person who serves in ministry on a Sunday morning or throughout the week is contributing to helping “lost sheep” get connected with our Good Shepherd.  When people serve in the Nursery/Preschool, Children’s, Midpoint, Youth or Life Group ministries or on our Greeters, Worship, Tech and Facility Teams they are making people feel welcome in our services, which causes them to become more open to the message and ministry of Jesus.

  • Sharing our faith with them. Jesus said in Acts 1:8 that all of His followers are called to His “witnesses” to the people around them in their lives. We’re not called to judges or defense attorneys or prosecuting attorneys for Jesus. We’re simply called to be “witnesses” – telling people around us about who Jesus is to us and what He’s done for us. And if we have ongoing stories of how the Lord has helped us, answered our prayers, met our needs, improved our relationships, and transformed our lives, people will be interested in learning how Jesus can help them in their lives as well.

And Jesus said in Matthew 18, in the parallel story in Luke’s gospel and in other Scripture passages, that when a person transitions from being a “lost sheep” to a “found sheep,” they experience the joy of the Lord (John 10:10, 15:11), others around them experience great joy (Matthew 18:13), and even the residents of heaven rejoice (Luke 15:7). So, if you want to find a new venue for experiencing joy in your life, get involved in going after the “lost sheep” around you. And when you do so, you will find the Lord blessing your life and blessing others through your witness and efforts.

Our Spanish-speaking Celebration members are going after “lost sheep”, which is one reason why they are hosting their big NOCHE CULTURAL event this coming Friday (September 16). This event will include music, festivities, and food from a number of Latin American cultures and will be a great fun-filled opportunity for your Spanish-speaking friends. It will also give them the opportunity to meet and connect with our Iglesia Celebration Leaders and Members. This event will take place at 2001 Airline Drive, and will begin at 7 pm. So invite your Spanish-speaking friends to attend.


One way that we can be involved in helping to rescue “lost sheep” is by being involved in serving the Lord and others – which is what TEAM Sunday is all about.  On Sunday, September 25, we’re going to be learning how God can use our time, abilities, and experiences to serve Him and help others. Also, on September 25, we will be participating in Communion together in our Worship Services. Be sure to join us on that day.

On Saturday, October 15, we will be hosting our annual Difference-makers Conference for our Celebration Leaders and Future Leaders. Our Saturday morning conference will include a great worship set, teaching in our general sessions by Pastor Mike Haman (Healing Place Church), helpful Ministry Training Break-out Sessions, and lots of fun and fellowship. The first general session begins at 8:30 am, but breakfast will be available at 8:00 am (until 8:30 am). Child care will also be available throughout the Conference.

Our Difference-makers Conference will be a great time of encouragement, equipping, and empowerment. Be sure to plan to join us. You can register HERE.

We’ve recently moved to another level at Celebration Church in our Worship services and ministries. This coming Sunday, as we continue our THE NEXT LEVEL sermon series, we’re going to be learning how to restore the most broken relationships of our lives. Be sure to join us this coming Sunday either in-person or online and invite others to join in with you.