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Westbank Campus Staff

Claude Williams
Claude WilliamsCampus Pastor
Pastor Claude Williams came to know Jesus in the summer of 1996 by getting invited to church. Before becoming a pastor, he served as a Campus Pastor for a Christian school as well as a football and basketball coach. He has extensive volunteer work in several different churches. Pastor Claude and his wife came to Celebration while he was in seminary prior to Katrina. After a few years, they returned to Celebration in October 2013 where Pastor Claude served as Associate Pastor. He has served as Campus Pastor at the Westbank Campus since August 2016. Pastor Claude has been married to Twila for 13 years and they have three boys: Emmitt (age 12), Elijah (age 10), Emory (age 8).
Angelle Robles
Angelle Robles Children's Minister

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We understand that if you are new to church and exploring faith that you will have many questions. Here are a few of the most common questions that we receive about faith, God and our church.

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