Tough Stuff Series, Communion, Special Kids Activities This Sunday At Celebration

Our Mission at Celebration Church is to “lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus and difference-makers in the world”; and one way we do that is by involving people in serving and helping people in the Communities around us. Now, many of our people are involved in serving and helping people in the Communities around them on a regular basis. But several times a year, we like to involve all of our people in community service efforts. And that’s what we’re planning to do on November 12 with our SERVE OUR CITY effort.

On November 12 every Celebration Congregation in our New Orleans region will have projects that they are working on to help the communities and people around them. I want you to join us, and also encourage you to invite your friends, family members, co-workers, schoolmates, and neighbors to join in with us. Many people outside of our Church family are interested in being involved in community service and compassion ministry efforts, and they will benefit greatly from participating in some of those efforts with members of our Celebration family. You can find out more about what your Celebration Congregation has planned for SERVE OUR CITY Day by conversing with your Campus Staff. And you can order your SERVE OUR CITY t-shirt by clicking here. The cost of the t-shirt will be used to subsidize some of the projects that we will be working on.

October is a month that’s where many noteworthy causes are affirmed and supported, but it’s also Pastor Appreciation Month, and I encourage you to demonstrate your appreciation of your Campus Pastor and Campus Staff in some way this month. You can do that by sending them encouraging notes, giving them gifts, or sharing with their words of affirmation. They serve the Lord, you, and others simply because they are called by the Lord to do so and because they love people. But the Bible says that we are to honor those who lead us, and Pastor Appreciation Month is a time we can fulfill that admonition from the Lord.

This past Sunday we honored long-time Celebration staff members, Chris & Cindy Meilleur, as they retired from our Staff and begin their next assignment as missionaries in Central America. Chris has served for 25 years as our Central Support Facilities Manager for all our Celebration Campuses. And Cindy has served for 26 years in various capacities on our staff, most recently in our Accounting Office. They are well-known and well-loved by many in our congregation.

Chris and Cindy have formed a ministry organization called Praisin’ Jesus Feeding Ministry, which focuses on feeding and building homes for poverty-stricken people in Central America and then sharing the good news of Jesus with them. While they will carry out their ministry in several countries in Central America, they will be moving to Guatemala, which will be their base. If you feel led to do so, you can support their ministry endeavors financially by going to

Several weeks ago, our Celebration Westbank Pastor, David Ford, shared with our Westbank congregation that we are acquiring a new Worship/Ministry facility for our Westbank congregation, since our previous facility was almost totally destroyed by Hurricane Ida. This new Worship/Ministry facility on the Westbank will be much larger and better suited for our ministry activities than our previous facility on Terry Parkway in Gretna. It’s also located on Lapalco Blvd in Marrero, which is the second most traveled thoroughfare on the Westbank. To hear Pastor David share this exciting news with our Celebration Westbank Congregation, click here to go to the Celebration Church Westbank Campus Group page.

Several weeks ago Hurricane Ian devastated the homes and lives of many people in Southwest and Central Florida. Having been impacted by several monster hurricanes in years past here in our region, we know how difficult it must be for the people whose homes and lives were significantly impacted by Hurricane Ian. Here at Celebration we work with a number of Christian disaster response ministries and with Churches in devastated regions to help the people who have been most impacted by a natural disaster. So, if you would like to give to help those who are being impacted by Hurricane Ian, go to And if you would like to go on a Disaster Relief trip, contact Alex Brian at  The Lord can use you to bring help, hope and healing to the victims of Hurricane Ian, like He’s used others to bring help to you in times past when you’ve been through a natural disaster.

We have big plans for this Sunday at our Celebration Campuses. We’re going to be:

  • Having a “Babylon Zoo Party” in our Kidztown Ministry

  • Having an “Olympics Focus” in our Midpoint Ministry (5-7th grades)

  • Participating in Communion and concluding our Tough Stuff sermon series in our Worship Centers.

We want you to be sure to join us for a great time of encouragement and ministry this coming Sunday at Celebration. And be sure to invite your friends and family members to come with you.