Testimonies From Our Campus Pastors About God’s Goodness In 2022

The Lord has blessed the Celebration Congregation in many ways in 2022. Click on this link HERE to hear some testimonies from our Campus Pastors, as they briefly share some of the great things that the Lord has done in, for, and through our Church family in 2022.

As we close out 2022, I want you to clearly hear my heart. 2020 was a very difficult year because of the Covid19 Pandemic and other national challenges. 2021 was a very difficult year because of Hurricane Ida and its impact on people’s homes and lives, and on our Church campuses. And 2022 was a very difficult year because of the rising cost of inflation, because of the length of time it has taken to rebuild our Campuses, and because of some many societal challenges in our region. Yet in spite of that, the Lord has worked mightily in, for and through our congregation (check out 2022 End Of The Year Letter to learn more HERE).

Lives are being changed. Marriages are being restored. Families are being reconciled. People are finding freedom over their struggles and strongholds. Ministries to hurting people in our region are being supported. Missionaries are being sent around the world with the message and ministry of Jesus. I want to simply say “Thank you.” Thank you for being a part of what God is doing through our Church. Your giving to our ministry this year has made all the difference!


  • Online – to give online click here
  • In Person – in our services or by stopping by our Campus offices

  • By Snail Mail – mail gifts to Celebration at 1915 Airline Drive, Metairie, LA 70001

  • Through our App – Press “Give” at the bottom of the screen.

As we come into these last few days of the year, I’m wondering if you’d be willing to make a final gift to the mission of our church? We rely on faithful giving from people like you, and your gift today would help us start next year off strong. You can give HERE 

Also, gifts of stocks, property, jewelry, etc. can also be given as well. And all gifts given to our Church are tax deductible. So, make sure to give your gifts by midnight on 12/31 in order to receive Charitable Giving contribution credit for 2022.


Thank you for your generosity. It really means a lot to us, to the people of our region, and to people all around the world.

You can start the New Year off right in several ways. One, you can join us for worship services on Sunday, January 1. Since it’s a holiday Sunday, check your Campus social media page for in-person worship service times. And if you aren’t able to join us in-person, please catch our Online services on your Campus social media page, or by clicking here.

Also, we have daily devotions that will be available beginning, Sunday 1/1, that will help equip you to start your new year strong from a spiritual perspective. You can sign up to receive those devotions at www.celebrationchurch.org/prayerfasting. Or you can find them on your Campus social media pages.

Thanks again. Be sure to join us on upcoming Sundays as we begin The Steps To Success sermon series. The best is yet to come!