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Rebuilding Our Campuses


As you know, our region was hit hard by Hurricane Ida.  Eight months later, we are still in the process of rebuilding and wanted to give you an update.

OUR LOWER ST. BERNARD CAMPUS now has a new roof, new exterior metal walls, and a newly painted front wall.  We are beginning some minor interior repairs in the next few weeks, but this campus is well on its way.

OUR WESTBANK CAMPUS had devastating damage. We are excited to announce that the new roof is underway, and we will begin the interior phase once this is completed.

OUR KENNER CAMPUS had significant damage to the worship and youth center.  We have completed repairing the exterior walls and were able to complete the interior of the youth center in time for Easter. We are now repairing the roof to begin rebuilding the sanctuary.

OUR RIVER PARISH CAMPUS was nearly completely destroyed.  We have signed a contract for the new roof and we expect to begin this work when the materials arrive.  The interior plans are finished and will begin when the roof is completed.

OUR METAIRIE CAMPUS is still undergoing major repairs.  We have made repairs to the roof and windows, and we have replaced the main sanctuary wall that was impacted by water.  Our next phase will include painting the main sanctuary, adding carpet, and purchasing new seating.

While this has been a difficult and long journey, we are encouraged by the progress as we have witnessed the Lord work in Mighty ways.  Thank you for praying and partnering with us during this time. If you would like to contribute to our rebuilding fund, click here.

kenner rebuild page

Our Kenner Campus received extensive damage to our Worship Center and Recreational Center. Ida’s winds destroyed some walls and portions of the roof.  Many of the sanctuary’s contents were destroyed by Ida’s rainwater. The rebuild cost we estimate to be in excess of $2M. Contract negotiations with Kent Construction, who originally built the facility for us in 2018, are currently taking place. Outer wall repairs have begun with the hope that inside repairs can begin in February.  We do anticipate that this process will take several months as repairs are extensive and post-Ida construction is unpredictable.  Since September 19, our Kenner Congregation has been meeting in a side building in the complex, where we originally started out when we moved to that location.

lower st. bernard rebuild page

Our Lower St. Bernard Campus had extensive roof damage, and the front wall of the Church facility was also damaged extensively. We are expecting $270K in insurance payments to repair that facility, and we were able to raise additional funds to complete the repairs. The exterior front wall has been rebricked and the repairs have begun. Aside from the damage to our front brick wall, the three exterior metal walls will also need to be replaced.  We are working with a contractor to replace the metal roof and exterior walls.  Once the outside work is completed, we will begin the inside work of repairing drywall and flooring.  Our Lower St. Bernard Congregation has been meeting in the facility since September 12.

metarie/new orleans rebuild page

Our Metairie-New Orleans Campus experienced significant damage to the roof over our Church complex and Shopping Center. An internal wall between the Worship and Activity Center sustained extensive water damage, while many of our contents in the sanctuary and children’s ministry area were also destroyed by the rainwater from Ida. We are working to repair the windows and damaged roof sections over the sanctuary, daycare, and shopping center.  Once the outside repairs are completed, sanctuary restoration will begin. The cost of repairing the facility and replacing the contents could be in excess of $2.5M. The Metairie-New Orleans Congregation has been meeting in the facility since September 19.

river parish rebuild page

Our River Parishes Worship/Ministry Facility was almost completely destroyed by the winds and water of Hurricane Ida, and all of the contents were destroyed. In September we tarped the roof and gutted the facility down to the studs. We are in the process of having a new roof placed on the facility, and hoping to finalize our wind and flood claims with the insurance companies soon. Once the roof is completed, we plan to begin the inside restoration process.  We anticipate the rebuild to cost at least $850K. Our River Parishes Congregation has been meeting at First Assembly of God in Laplace since October 3.

Westbank Campus rebuild page

Our Westbank Worship/Ministry Facility was almost completely destroyed by the winds and water of Hurricane Ida, and all of the contents were destroyed. We have signed a contract to put a new roof on the facility, and after completing that roof we plan to begin the rebuild and restoration process. We anticipate that the total rebuild and restoration cost will be in excess of $1.4M. Our Westbank Congregation initially met in September and early October in a Reception Hall, but has been meeting at Life Center Cathedral in Marrero since October 31.


As you can see, we are making progress with the rebuilding of our Campuses, but it is going to take some time to finalize our negotiations with our Insurance Companies, determine which Contractors to use, sign contracts, and begin the rebuilding process at each Campus. In the meantime, we want to give you an opportunity to contribute to the rebuild of our Celebration Church Campuses. You can contribute to those rebuild costs to offset deductibles and pay for contents that aren’t covered by insurance by giving to our REBUILD OUR CAMPUSES fund. You can find that fund by CLICKING HERE.

We’ve been through tough times before at Celebration, and in every circumstance, we’ve seen the Lord and God’s people come through for us. We believe that that will happen again as we address the rebuilds of our damaged Campuses. And in the end, we will be able to look back and say, “Look at the mighty and miraculous things that the Lord has done.”

Thanks for praying for us and joining with us for the glory of the Lord and the good of the people of our region.