Reasons To Not Give Up On Church 🫶 The Importance Of Being In A Church Family

Five Reasons To Not Give Up On Church was the name of an article that I read earlier this week. In the beginning of the article the author, Scott Sauls, noted that many professing Christians have stopped being actively involved in a Church family. He then asked the question, “Why are so many believers dissatisfied with the church?”, and listed some answers to that question. Sauls wrote: “Often, their disenchantment with the Church is legitimate. Instead of going to church, they are eager to be the Church. Instead of being a face in the crowd, they are eager to be a known and needed member of a community. Instead of being passive observers of an event, they are eager to be active contributors to a shared mission. Instead of listening to a preacher pontificate and tell stories, they are eager to be welcomed into a Story that is bigger than the preacher. Instead of being around people who ‘accept Jesus’ but who seem bored with Him, they want to be around people who come alive at the mention of His name.”

Later in the article Sauls writes about how Jesus loved and gave His life for His Church, and how the Apostle Paul indicated in his writings that we are to stay committed to a Church in spite of it’s imperfections. And then Sauls gave 5 good reasons as to why Christians should be actively involved in a Church family. You can read the article written by Sauls here Five Reasons to Not Give Up on Church – RELEVANT.

Five Reasons to Not Give Up on Church – RELEVANT.

I could probably give 50 reasons as to why I think that every Christian should be actively involved in a Church family – regularly attending worship services, regularly participating in a small group, and serving in some ministry either during or outside of Church services. But instead, let me just share with you some testimonies from people about why they love being an active member of the Celebration Church family.

  • “Celebration Church has been a place of healing and discipleship for me. This Church has cared for me when I could do nothing for myself, and allowed me to take up a new ministry once God had renewed my strength.”

  • “Through Celebration Church I have met the most precious life-long friends who helped me through a painful divorce, and helped me to grow closer to God. I met my new husband here. Together our family has grown so much.”

  • “The Lord Jesus through Celebration Church has saved and changed my life.”

  • “Celebration Church has been our family. They have loved us unconditionally. We have grown in Christ and in relationships with others.”

  • “I have found, for the first time in my life, a true community of spiritual brothers and sisters. The spirit of love, acceptance and learning about Jesus is always available and remarkable here.”

  • “The ministry of Celebration means I never have to be alone. Even though I live alone, there are always Life Groups to visit, Christian activities to be involved in, and lots and lots of friends.”

  • “I have never been to a Church that shows so much care and love to people.”

  • “I thank God that I am in a Bible-believing Church that is focused on reaching and meeting the needs of people. I’m also thankful that even in a large Church such as ours there is always a personal touch and lots of compassion and love.”

  • “If it were not for Celebration and the awesome people here, I would be here with my husband and children.The Lord has saved our marriage and our family.”

  • “Since I’ve been coming to Celebration, my life has completely turned around!”

If you have a similar or not-so-similar testimony, I would love to hear from you. You can send your testimony to me at

The bottom line is this. Jesus began the Church. The Church is His body and His bride and He primarily works through His Church to accomplish His plans and purposes. Jesus gave His life for the Church. And He wants every Christian to be actively involved in a Church family. And when Christians are actively involved in a Church family, statistics have shown that in general, they make healthier choices, live healthier lives, have healthier relationships and live happier lives, and they make more impact for good and for God in the world around them. Statistics, God’s Word, God’s People and God’s Spirit tell us that one of the best things that we can do for the Lord, for ourselves and for other people (especially those closest to us) is to be actively involved in a Church family. So, get involved or stay involved in a Church family. No matter what you’ve experienced in your personal life or Church life, don’t give up on Jesus’ Church.

This coming Sunday, August 21, is a great time to get back involved at one of our Celebration Campuses. Let me give you some reasons why that is. To begin with, we’re beginning a new sermon series, THE NEXT LEVEL, that is based on the stories and teachings of Jesus in Matthew 17-18, and in this series we’re going to be learning how to strengthen our relationships with the Lord and with others, and how to grow in our faith.

Second, with School back in session, this is a good time for families with students to include Church activities in their regular schedule. And as I mentioned earlier, statistics have shown that when individuals and families prioritize being involved in a Church family they typically make healthier choices, have healthier relationships and lifestyles, and live happier lives.

Third, this Sunday is BRING A FRIEND Sunday at Celebration. We all have people in our lives that we love and care for who are struggling in some sort of way – people who need encouragement, people who need help in some way, people who need to learn how to overcome the struggles and strongholds of their lives.  BRING A FRIEND Sunday will be a great time to bring those friends and family members with us. And as a bonus, we’re going to have special activities for Children and Pre-Teens in and around our worship services.

Sometimes people ask me about the best ways to invite friends and family members to come with them to Church services. One way is to simply call and talk with your friends and family members, and then ask them to come with you to BRING A FRIEND Sunday. A second way is to send them a message via text or social media. You may want to use the following message to send to your family members and friends.

  • Hey, August 21 is BRING A FRIEND Sunday at Celebration Church, and since you’re one of my best friends, I want you to come with me. I believe you will enjoy the service, and our Pastor is beginning a new series titled, THE NEXT LEVEL. It would encourage me greatly if you came with me, and I believe you will be encouraged by attending. Message me back and let me know if you can come with me.

The Lord wants to use your witness to help your friends experience the transforming power of Jesus in their lives, circumstances and relationships. So be sure to reach out to them this week in some kind of way, asking them to come with you on BRING A FRIEND Sunday.