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We are inviting our Celebration Church members to join us for our annual prayer and fasting emphasis, titled “Giving Up For God,” as we begin a new year. At Celebration Church, we believe the combination of praying and fasting is one of the most powerful spiritual disciplines and activities a Christian can do. We want 2019 to be another successful year for Celebration and through our fasting and prayer emphasis, we know God can move in a mighty way.

The 2019 Ten Days of Prayer and Fasting Emphasis takes place from January 2-12. It is a guided ten-day prayer and fasting journey in which the participant will spend time reading scripture, journaling, watching a daily video devotional, and finally praying for their church, community, family, and self.

This year, we are asking everyone to join us in doing a fast of their choice. Some people will “fast” food (1, 2 or 3 meals daily), others will participate in a Daniel Fast (abstaining from eating meats, sweets, and wheats), others will fast entertainment (watching television on certain nights, viewing social media, etc.), while others will participate in other types of “fasts.”

The important thing is not so much what a person “fasts,” but spending time in prayer, worship and Bible study instead of those activities they are abstaining from. Our staff believes that the Lord is going to give direction, healing, and empowerment to those who participate fully in this effort to give up things for God.

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