Church Membership

Membership at Celebration Church begins with attending an I want to KNOW membership event at your campus.

At this event, you will get to know the history, vision, values and beliefs of Celebration Church. You will get to hear your Campus Pastor’s testimony and get a chance to meet all of your campus staff.

You will learn about what it means to move from being a spectator to a contributor and learn all the ways you can get connected at your campus; Baptism, Life Groups and getting involved in serving and volunteering at your campus.

I want to KNOW is held at least every other month. The times and locations are different for each campus. You will want to go to your campus page and select your campus calendar to see when your next campus I want to KNOW will be taking place.

You can also use this form to request to be notified when the next event will be taking place at your campus.

Get Notified of Your Next Campus I want to KNOW