Life Is Not Fair – So What Can We Do About It

This past Sunday, our Campus Pastors and I concluded the TOUGH STUFF sermon series with a message titled, Life Is Not Fair. The sermon was based on a Parable told by Jesus in Matthew 20:1-16. I began the sermon by sharing about an experience I had the previous Tuesday when I was preaching to a group of Pastors in Lake Charles, Louisiana, an area that was decimated by Hurricane Laura in 2020. There are still many homes and some Churches that have not been rebuilt since the hurricane, but much of the public and governmental concern has moved on. In Sunday’s sermon, I mentioned how one Pastor shared with me how he felt that it was so unfair that people across our state and nation are no longer concerned about the rebuilding progress (or lack of progress) going on in that area.

Do you ever feel like life is unfair? Sure you do. We all do at times. But as we learned from Jesus’ parable and the sermons preached by our Pastors, we have to learn how to push through our disillusionment and discouragement caused by life’s inequities, and: 1) accept our assignment from the Lord, 2) adjust to the role the Lord has for us, 3) avoid comparing ourselves to others, and 4) aspire to please the Lord anyhow.

While teaching on the last point, several of our pastors and I used a rope illustration to remind our people that the life we experience here on earth is minuscule when compared to the glory and goodness we will experience throughout eternity. That rope illustration was borrowed from Pastor Francis Chan, and you can see him demonstrate it here. The good news is that regardless of the unfairness or inequities we experience in this life, the Lord will rectify all of that in the next life, if not before, in this life. We just have to keep trusting in the Lord, believing that “God is in the midst of all things, bringing good to those who love Him” (Romans 8:28).

We had great feedback from our congregation throughout our TOUGH STUFF series, as we learned from the words and stories of Jesus in Matthew 19-20. If you would like to go back and review those messages or share them with others, click here.

This coming Sunday we will begin a new series of messages titled, GREAT QUESTIONS. In this series we will be addressing some challenging questions that were presented to Jesus or asked by Jesus in Matthew 22. We’ll be learning about who gets into Heaven, what Jesus said about taxes, what happens to godly people when they pass on, and what the greatest commandments are and how we can live by them. This is going to be a challenging and interesting sermon series, so plan to join us for worship services in November.

On Saturday, November 12, we will be having our SERVE OUR CITY Day in the communities surrounding our Celebration Campuses. We would love for you to join us as we reach out to help schools, ministries, single moms, the elderly and hurting people in our region in a variety of ways. You can invite your friends, family members, co-workers, schoolmates and neighbors to join in with us. You can find out more about what your Celebration Congregation has planned for SERVE OUR CITY Day by conversing with your Campus Staff. And you can order your SERVE OUR CITY t-shirt by clicking here. The cost of the t-shirt will be used to subsidize some of the projects that we will be working on.

Also, in November, we will begin receiving our annual EVERYONE NEEDS JESUS Christmas/Missions offering. This is an offering that goes directly to support local, national, and international missionaries, missions ministries, and missions projects. And we ask our people to contribute this offering over and above their regular Celebration Church gifts. We’ll share more with you in the coming weeks about our planned recipients for the EVERYONE NEEDS JESUS Christmas/Missions offering. In the meantime, please be praying that the Lord will bless our people financially, and they, in turn, will give generously to this special annual offering that goes to support missionaries, missions ministries and missions projects.

Finally, let me ask you to be praying for our upcoming regional, state and national elections that will take place on November 8. We are facing many great challenges in our region, state and nation. Some of those challenges are economic challenges, while other challenges are related to criminal, housing, justice, moral, poverty and security issues.

In light of all of these challenges that are being faced by people in our region, state and nation, we need to see the best and most godly of leaders rise to the forefront in every sector of leadership. So I ask that you would join me and our Pastors in fasting and praying on Monday, November 7 during the morning and afternoon hours, as we pray for election candidates and election results in our region, state and nation.

We love you at Celebration Church. Please let us know how we can pray for you or be of assistance to you and/or to others.