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Please note: We require all our leaders and volunteers who serve in KidZTown to complete a Background Check. If you have spoken with a KidZTown/Desire Youth staff member and they have given the approval for you to volunteer in the KidZTown/Desire Youth Ministry, you may click the following link to process your Background Check

The Children’s Ministry of Celebration Church has a three-fold life purpose for every child, which is no different than the purpose for an adult’s life!

We want children to:

•    Learn about Jesus
•    Live for Jesus
•    Let others know about Jesus

Our three-fold life purpose is designed to be experienced by our babies and toddlers just as much as it can be experienced by our elementary students. We want our babies to feel the love of Jesus the minute they come through our doorway. As songs are sung and stories are read, children will understand that they are special in God’s Kingdom and will begin to open up their hearts and minds to receive the “Good News” of Jesus Christ. Our goal is for every child to become fully devoted followers of Christ, by asking Jesus to be their forever friend!

It is our privilege to partner with parents, grandparents and other significant adults in a child’s life as we embark on this journey together. The precious children that have been entrusted to our loving care are a treasure to us as well. We believe there is no greater call that to make a difference in the life of a child.


Tambra Eagan
Tambra EaganChurch-Wide Children's Coordinator

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Communion…it’s been the tradition of Celebration Church to offer communion monthly during our services. This experience may be new to your child and they may have some questions. To help your child understand communion, you can watch this video with your child. Remember, communion is reserved for those who have a personal relationship with Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Parents Video

Kids Video

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Sandy Bodden
Sandy BoddenChildren's Minister

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Chad Davis
Chad DavisChildren's Minister

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Julie BoudreauxChildren's Minister

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Karla FletesChildren's Minister

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Stacey PerretChildren's Minister

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Robin MolinaChildren's Minister

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Angelle Robles
Angelle RoblesChildren’s Minister


Please note:We require all our leaders and volunteers who serve in KidZTown/Midpoint/The Social Youth to complete a Background Check and Application. If you have spoken with a KidZTown/Midpoint/The Social Youth staff member and they have given the approval for you to volunteer in the KidZTown/Midpoint/The Social Youth, you may click this link to process your Background Check and this link to complete your Application.

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