Frequently Asked Questions

We celebrate the sacrament in all our worship services, in all our campuses, on the last weekend of each month. Communion is offered during the time of worship, after the second song. If you want to take part in Communion you must make it to Worship services on time.
In Celebration Church, our “Children’s Presentation” is called “Blessing of the Children”. It is a little different from a “dedication of parents and children” or “presentation of children” because in this case we only focus on children. As parents, we are adults and able to decide whether we want to follow Christ or not. We pray that each child comes to the moment in his own life to make his own decision to enter into a personal relationship with Christ. Make it your own faith not based on your parents, pastors, teachers, or any adult. And we also focus only on children because when Jesus blessed the children in Matthew 19, he focused only on children. We do this special service 4 times a year, require advanced registration and a meeting with the pastor or co-pastor of the Campus to participate.
Getting married at Celebration Church requires 2 things. First, you should contact the church office and talk to the wedding coordinator who will work with you, submit your date for approval, and review reduced fees for members. Second, if you want a Celebration Church pastor to officiate your ceremony, you must first complete our pre-marital counseling class. For more information, please write to
Each service at every campus lasts one hour and fifteen minutes.
At Celebration Church, we understand the value and purpose of expectation and commitment. We have an expectation of our members and we firmly believe that our members should have an expectation of our leadership and of the church as a whole. This agreement serves to clearly establish expectations and for each of our members to be on the same page with other members. Each member is kept under these standards and we believe that if each member follows these guidelines then our church will function at the highest level of health, relationships and optimization.

Becoming a member of Celebration Church involves completing 5 things

___ 1. Accept the LORD as My Savior.

___ 2. Publicly profess this commitment through baptism by immersion.

___ 3. Attend consistently and faithfully to a Life Group and contribute to it.

___ 4. Attend the I Want to Know Membership event.

___ 5. Commit to live and sign an Active Membership Agreement.