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Pray For Arabi Disaster relief


16 years ago, our region experienced the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. So many of our people had their homes and/or businesses decimated by the winds and waters of Katrina, and some lost loved ones. At Celebration, both of the Campuses we had at that time were greatly damaged, and 60% of our members at that time were permanently displaced to other cities and states. Last year we were hit with Hurricane Ida as well as tornados that devastated large parts of Louisiana. 

But the Lord brought us back after Katrina, Hurricane Isaac in 2012, and also after Hurricane Ida and one of the reasons we were able to bounce back as a Church and as a region was because of the compassion and generosity of Christians around our nation and world. As we enter Hurricane season, we want to be able to extend that same kind of compassion and generosity to those who may be affected by any storms or hurricanes that could impact our region. We have also provided a list of resources below. Please review and prepare early.

Disaster Time Line

Pre-Game Plan

  • Noun Hygiene 3960250MEDICINE & HYGIENE
    • List of illnesses, medications and allergies, hygiene items, first aid, and baby supplies.
  • Noun Meal 1925123FOOD & WATER
    • Have one gallon of water per person per day – plus extra for pets, canned foods, cereals, snacks, peanut butter, and jelly.
  • Noun Clothing 2103688CLOTHING & BEDDING
    • Change of clothes, rain gear, boots, sleeping bags, and pillows
  • Noun Pet 3858274PETS & MISC
    • Pet food, carrier, collars, leashes, bedding, map of your area, and plastic garbage bags.
  • Noun Flashlight 3537091TOOLS & ELECTRONICS
    • Basics tools, wrench, pliers, scissors, waterproof matches, battery operated radio, lantern/candles, flashlight
  • Noun Document 4027236DOCUMENTS
    • Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Passport, Important contact information, mortgage or rental insurance information & any other important documents.

Preparation by Parish

  • Orleans Parish LINK
  • Jefferson Parish LINK
  • St. Bernard Parish LINK
  • St. John the Baptist Parish LINK
  • St Charles Parish LINK
  • St. Tammany Parish LINK
  • Statewide StormReady LINK

Other Resources