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Donate To Disaster Relief

Having benefited in years past from the generosity of people following Hurricanes Katrina and Isaac, we know how much financial support can help people, families and churches get back on their feet. But now we are faced with another Disaster crisis because of Hurricane Dorian. We need to provide financial support to help the People of the Bahamas who were severely impacted by that monster storm.

If you haven’t given yet to support our Disaster Relief efforts (or if you would like to give again), you can do so by clicking the Donate to Disaster Relief button. When you go to our website, simply select “Disaster Relief” through the Church’s giving portal. You can also give through our Celebration Church app. We will make sure that the funds are sent to local Pastors and Missionaries in the Bahamas who are on the ground there helping the people whose lives were devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

Thank you for being such a loving, caring and generous Church family. Please be sure to let us know——if we can pray for you or assist you in any way.