Get Connected to Your Church

The church is supposed to be a family. A place where you fit in. A place where you belong. This page is intended to help you find the next step to take in order for you to get plugged in to our church family.

Join a Life Group

Life Groups are small bible discussion groups that meet once a week in homes and public spaces. These groups help you grow spiritually, provide encouragement, and help you build relationships within the church. They are safe places to learn the Bible, ask questions, request prayer and learn from others the example of what it looks like to walk the faith journey. This link will take you to our Life Groups finder where you can find a group that meets at your campus, in your area, and at a time that works for your schedule. Groups are sortable by campus, type and meeting time.


Collaborate Classes

In January 2019, we made a transition to offering Equipping & Training Classes at select campuses on Thursday evenings instead of every quarter on Wednesday nights. These discipleship and spiritual growth classes are similar to the former Collaborate classes we formerly offered. Please click the link below to see if your campus offers these classes for more information.

Equipping & Training Classes

Sign Up To Volunteer

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Serve Teams are a vital part of our weekend experiences and ministries. Serving is not just completing a task or filling a space — it is a catalyst to spiritual and relational growth in the context of the local church. We believe every church member can move from being a spectator to being a participator. Every person has a spot to fill, a role to play, and a gift to contribute.

From greeting guests as they arrive to leading the younger generation in KidzTown, we have a place for you! We provide serving opportunities at every campus to use your God-given gifts and talents and to serve while growing in community and in Christ. Our church is not built on the efforts and actions of some, but the service and sacrifice of the sum.

Attend I want to KNOW

I want to KNOW is the first step to becoming an official member at Celebration Church. It is a place where our church staff gets to know you and you get to know our church staff and other church members. Day and time vary by each campus, but it is the same experience at all locations; you get to hear about our history, vision, values and beliefs and you get to know how you can become more involved. At this event you will learn everything you need to be familiar with our ministry and the ways you can be involved and connected.

Get Baptized

Baptism is the step that tells the people in your life you are serious about your new faith commitment. It is an outward symbol of changes you have made on the inside. It symbolizes you have died to yourself, you have been born spiritually, you have been cleansed from your past, you are now associating with Jesus, and you are ready to make some changes in your life. Baptism expresses the fresh start you are ready to make. Let us know if you would like to get baptized and one of our Pastor’s will follow up with you to walk you through this decision and all you need to know.

All In Baptism-533-311

For More Information

For more information regarding events or minstry activities at a campus you should select your campus page and scroll down to the campus calendar to see what is coming up. If you select an event it will show you all information including registration or payment if required. This link will take you to our campuses page for you to select the campus closest to you or that you currently attend.