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2020 has been a challenging year for almost all of us here in our region and throughout our nation. We’ve had to deal with the Covid19 Pandemic, not being able to attend In-person Church services for a while, financial challenges, racial and political tension, storm threats, etc. But through it all almost all of us can attest to the Lord’s provision in our lives. So, in this month of Thanksgiving, let’s all give “thanks” to our Heavenly Father for His provision and protection.

But in this month of Thanksgiving, we need to not only focus on “thanking the Lord;” we need to also focus on “giving to the Lord.” We can do that by giving tithes and offerings on a regular basis to support the ministry of our Church. Our regular tithes and offerings are used to support compassion ministry to hurting people in our region, evangelistic efforts throughout the region, worship services and ministries for the people of Celebration Church, discipleship and family ministries for children and adults, and to pay our Churches facility, insurance and operating costs. Regular tithes and offerings are also used to support missionaries and mission ministries on a monthly basis. Our Church needs the faithful and generous support of our people if we are to continue to serve our people and our communities as we’ve done in times past.

But we also want people to give to our Everyone Needs Jesus Christmas Missions offering in the months of November and December. Monies given to our Christmas Missions offering go directly to support missionaries and missions projects in our region and around the world.

This year’s Everyone Needs Jesus Christmas/Missions Offering will be used to support:

  • Compassion ministries such as Orphanages and Foster Care ministries
  • Support Celebration Missionaries and Missionaries serving with the North American Mission and International Mission Boards
  • Support Local Missions Projects (i.e., Inner City Serve Days and Ministry events)
  • Support our Life Transformation Center that provides help and encouragement in many ways to children, teens, and senior adults in the Hollygrove/Dixon community
  • Provide training to Pastors and Church Leaders nationally and internationally
  • Provide Benevolence Funding for the elderly and disadvantaged
  • Support the distribution of Bibles around the world through the Gideon’s Ministry

In 2019, we received $102,000 for our Christmas Missions offering, and this year our goal is to receive $110,000 to support the projects and initiatives mentioned above. It’s been our Church’s practice to ask everyone to give an amount above their regular tithe to this annual Christmas Missions. If every adult and teen in our Church family would give an offering the equivalent of what they would give to a family member for Christmas we would meet our Everyone Needs Jesus Christmas Offering goal. We believe the Lord blesses those who are generous both in this life and in the next life.

After reading this letter, please pray about what the Lord wants you to give to these ministry and mission projects. As you receive direction from the Lord, plan to give generously to the Everyone Needs Jesus Christmas Offering by giving online at www.celebrationchurch.org/give (click “Give Now” then designate Christmas Offering) or by using the Everyone Needs Jesus offering envelope that is found in our Worship Centers.

Jesus said in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) that we’re to do everything we can to bring His message and ministry to people all around the world. We’re doing that through our support of the Everyone Needs Jesus Christmas/Missions Offering. And in doing so we’re populating Heaven and making our world a safer, stronger, and godlier place.

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Gratefully yours,

Dennis Watson

Dennis Watson

Lead Pastor, Celebration Church

Donate Now

You can give to this offering by clicking “Give Now” then designate Christmas Offering.