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2017 Christmas Mission Offering

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2017 Christmas Mission Offering Latest Update

Dear Celebration Family:
Help us share our mission with the world by ordering your EVERYONE NEEDS JESUS t-shirt today. Proceeds from the sale of these shirts will be added to our EVERYONE NEEDS JESUS Christmas Missions Offering.

T-shirts will be available for pickup at each Celebration Church campus after weekend services until the promotion ends.

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2017 Christmas Mission Offering Kickoff Video

Dear Celebration Family:

This coming weekend in our Worship Services our Pastors and I are going to be introducing our revised Church Mission Statement. For a number of years, our statement has been:

Celebration Church exists to reach and challenge people to grow in relationship with God and others, resulting in changed lives, homes, cities and world through Jesus Christ

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the above Church Mission Statement. It communicates who we are and what we’re all about. However, we want to reduce our Mission Statement (but not our vision) into a bite-sized statement that everyone can remember. Therefore, we’re changing our Mission Statement to Celebration Church exists because Everyone Needs Jesus. We believe that our people will be able to remember, recite and live out this Mission Statement.

Everyone does need Jesus. Whether they are male or female, rich or not-so-rich, humble or prideful, from North America or Africa, smart or not-so-smart, good or not-so-good, Everyone Needs Jesus. Jesus is the One who can forgive people’s sins, heal broken hearts, free people from their struggles and strongholds, bring vision and purpose to people’s lives, and transform people’s lives, circumstances and relationships. And according to Jesus, we have to do everything we can to bring His healing, transforming power to people all around us and to people around the world. That’s why we’ve decided to name our annual World Missions offering the Everyone Needs Jesus Christmas/Missions offering.

Every year at this time we encourage and challenge our people to rise up and give sacrificially to our annual Christmas/Missions offering. This offering goes directly to support Missions ministries, Missions activities, and Missionaries. This year’s Everyone Needs Jesus Christmas/Missions Offering will be used to:

  • Support special projects our Celebration Missionaries will be involved within 2018
  • Provide training for Pastors and Church Leaders nationally and internationally
  • Support Local Missions Projects (i.e., Inner City Serve Days and Ministry events)
  • Support our Life Transformation Center that provides help and encouragement in many ways to children, teens and senior adults in the Hollygrove/Dixon community
  • Help fund the start-up of new Churches and Campuses locally and internationally
  • Provide Benevolence Funding for the elderly and disadvantaged
  • Support the distribution of Bibles around the world through the Gideon’s Ministry

In 2016 we received over $90,000 for our Christmas Missions offering. This year our Goal is to receive $120,000 to support the projects and opportunities mentioned above. It’s been our Church’s practice to ask everyone to give to this annual Christmas Missions offering the equivalent of what they would give to a family member for Christmas. If every adult and teen in our Church family does this, we will reach our Everyone Needs Jesus Christmas Offering goal.

Please read this letter carefully, and then specifically pray about what the Lord wants you to give to these outside ministry and missions projects. Then, as you receive direction from the Lord, give generously to the Everyone Needs Jesus Christmas Offering by giving online at click “Give Online” then designate Christmas. You can also give your gift through our Celebration Church App, or by using the Everyone Needs Jesus offering envelope you will find in our worship centers.

This past weekend I shared an illustration in my sermon about the two large bodies of water that are found in the land of Israel – the Sea of Galilee to the north and the Dead Sea in the south. Both bodies of water are connected by the Jordan River. The Jordan River starts way up north at Mt. Hermon, wanders down into the Sea of Galilee, and then exits from the Sea of Galilee and flows southward until it empties into the Dead Sea. Although these two large bodies of water are fed by the same river, they are vastly different. The Sea of Galilee is a great illustration of life. It’s surrounded by greenery and foliage and all kinds of animal and plant life. There are villages and towns of people around the Sea of Galilee, and lots of fish living in its waters. The Dead Sea is completely different. It’s one of the most barren looking places on earth. There aren’t many animals or people living around it, and its waters are so brackish that very few animals or plants can exist in it. So what’s the difference between these two large bodies of water? The Sea of Galilee takes in and gives out, while the Dead Sea just takes in.

Many here at Celebration have discovered the joy, blessings and “life” that results from being a giver to the work of the Lord and to others. Jesus said, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). And when we implement that principle in our lives we are on our way to experiencing God’s blessings and “life” in greater ways in our lives.

Grateful for such a loving, caring and generous Church family,

Dennis Watson

Lead Pastor, Celebration Church

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You can give to this offering by clicking “Give Now” then designate Christmas.

Ofrenda Navideña Para Misiones

Cada año animamos a nuestra congregación a que den al señor y su ministerio durante el mes de Diciembre.  aparte de su ofrenda regular, así como planean el dar a su familia y amigos.  Este año la ofrenda navideña para misiones irá a apoyar 1.  Proyectos misioneros especiales, 2.  El entrenar pastores internacionales y sus líderes 3.  Necesidades de benevolencia en nuestra region 4. Nuestro Centro de Esperanza 5.  Contriguir a los fondos para empezar nuevas iglesias Celebracion en nuestra region 6. Soporte a prevención de Ebola en las naciones africanas. Por Favor ore para que El Señor decida lo que debe de ofrendar.  Usted puede ofrendar a cualquiera de los servicios de Adoración en los sobre rojos  o por medio de la aplicación.